In the "Take this as you will because it's coming from Chris Broussard and his sources" category, ESPN is reporting that the New York Knicks have had internal discussions about the possibility of offering Carmelo Anthony in a trade for Blake Griffin that they have yet to approach the Los Angeles Clippers about. Basically, they're just flirting with the idea. No traction has been made regarding an actual trade, so this whole story could be here today and gone tomorrow. 

Amid concerns that Anthony could opt out at the end of the season and head elsewhere, the Knicks' front office may look for possible suitors for the 29-year-old star forward with the hopes of getting some sort of return on a departing Melo. Griffin wouldn't be a bad return at all for New York, who is only 24 years old and playing extremely well this season. Meanwhile, with the Clippers, Carmelo would find himself playing alongside good friend, Chris Paul, and on a team he could confidently sign a long-term contract. It sounds like a win-win for everyone involved, but first, both teams gotta get the ball rolling. 

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[via ESPN]