Kid Cudi isn't all that good at talking trash. So when For The Win caught up with him in New York City this week to talk about his new movie, Need for Speed, and asked him to give NFL players advice for talking trash during the Super Bowl, he was underwhelming, to say the least. "Throw the soul daggers" was one of his tips.

However, while his trash-talking tips weren't all that good, he did tell FTW some great stories about his days of playing dodgeball in middle school. From the sound of things, Cudi got really into the game when he played dodgeball. And it got him into a lot of trouble.

"I was a dodgeball champion when I was in middle school," he said. "I would do things like headhunt on purpose. You know headhunting, like, that was the one rule, not to throw balls at the head. I would do that on purpose. I would do it with someone I didn't like. You know in gym class when they split you up and it's like even steven and it's like that one bully that's always busting your balls? And my gym teacher Mrs. Schwartz would be like, 'MESCUDI! I said no headhunting.' And I'd be like, 'Sorry,' but deep down, I did it on purpose. That's the extent."

Wow. Kid Cudi, the dodgeball badass! Who knew?!

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[via For The Win]