Nevermind the fact that Justin Bieber was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. What would have happened had he actually been able to race against his friend Khalil Sharief? Though the two rides are both Italian supercars, they're actually pretty different beasts. Here's how the two cars stacked up: 

Justin Bieber x Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 Spyder

Engine: Naturally Aspirated V10
Horsepower: 550
Torque:  397 lb-ft
Dry Weight: 3,351 lbs
Top Speed: 198 mph
0-62: 4.2 seconds 
Price: $209,000



Khalil Sharief x Ferrari 430 Scuderia Spider 16M

Engine: Naturally Aspirated V8
Horsepower: 503.4
Torque:  346.7 lb-ft
Dry Weight: 2,954 lbs
Top Speed: 196 mph
0-62: 3.7 seconds 
Price: $308,000 

Winner: Khalil Sharief

At an initial glance, you might look at the Lamborghini's V10 engine and 550 horses and think that Biebs would have blown the Ferrari away, but inspect a bit closer and you'll see that in an actual short-length drag race (police said the two were going about 55-60 in a 30), Sharief would have definitely edged out the W.

Created as a special edition to celebrate the 2008 Formula 1 constructor's world title, only 499 16Ms were built. It's a lighter version of the Scuderia coupe and has a reworked F1-derived gearbox. Put that up against a Bieber who has 18 different substances in him and the reaction time of a sloth, and there's no doubt Sharief would have hit the tape first. We can just imagine Bieber saying, "dude, I almost had you." No, Justin, you never had him, and considering that Lambo was rented, you literally never had your car.