Two things Texas A&M is going to be wishing for next year are a better defense and another Johnny Manziel. They're more likely to get the former, because there's not many quarterbacks who can continuously make plays like this. There's no such player on the Aggies' defense, but the team is at least seeing Manziel give it his all in what is probably his last college performance. He's balling as Texas A&M trails Duke 48-45 in the Chick-fil-A Bowl.

UPDATE: The Aggies won, and suprise, surprise, it was won by a defensive play.

The Aggies win 52-48 as Manziel finishes with 382 passing yards with four touchdowns (30-for-38) and 73 rushing yards with a touchdown. Mind you, Texas A&M was down 38-17 at halftime.

Surely, the power of OVO had something to do with it right? Drake Instagrammed the below picture with the caption, "Watching Johnny Football @espn @obobrien"

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[via SB Nation]