Check out this really cool photo of John Stockton and Karl Malone that we stumbled across a little while ago. Isn't it classic? It's from back in 2002 when the former Jazz teammates got together to have lunch one day. Stockton was all like, "Hey, Karl, have you heard about this cool new thing called texting? My phone has it." And Malone was like, "Cool, John, but look at this. MINE HAS A CAMERA!" Ha. It looks like it was fun.

Wait, what's that? This photo isn't from 2002? It's from earlier this afternoon? And those are the phones that Stockton and Malone are using today? OH, THE HUMANITY!

Seriously, guys? Flip phones? In 2014? We don't expect you to be walking around with, like, iPhones or Androids or…Well, actually, yes, we do. Everyone has them now, even old fogeys like you. So please feel free to join us in the 21st century any day now.

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[via Kylee Malone]