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Jim Harbaugh currently makes about $5 million per year coaching the San Francisco 49ers. So if he wanted to, he could easily afford to buy every single pair of khakis that we've ever covered. But for whatever reason, Harbaugh—who is rarely never spotted in anything other than khakis—doesn't like to drop a lot of dough on his pants. So according to his wife, he's not opposed to walking into Walmart and copping a pair of $8 khakis. In fact, it sounds like he prefers Walmart's khaki selection.

"I've thrown [his pants] away many times," Harbaugh's wife Sarah revealed during a radio interview earlier this week. "I threw them out and when he went to the [NFL] combine, he found a Walmart. They were $8. $8!"

There's nothing wrong with paying 8 bucks for a pair of pants…if that's all that you can afford. But if your salary has the word "million" in it, buying pants out of the bargain bin seems a tad excessive, don't you think?


We can't believe that there's actually an "update" to this story...but there is! A little while ago, someone sent photographic evidence of Harbaugh buying khakis at Walmart to the Sporting News. Check it out below. How great is the Internet?!

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[via For The Win]