Jay Z had a big year in 2013. He established his "#NewRules" by releasing a new album called Magna Carta Holy Grail with very little warning. He earned nine nominations for the 2014 Grammy Awards. And he also helped Robinson Cano sign one of the biggest contracts in MLB history as part of his first major Roc Nation Sports deal. So 2013 was all about winning for Jay Z…except when it came to fantasy football.

Hov took part in a fantasy football league this fall alongside a bunch of fellow celebs like Chris Paul and called on ESPN experts like fantasy guru Matthew Berry to help him orchestrate his draft. And while he's just as secretive as Eminem is when it comes to fantasy football (we probably wouldn't have even known that Jay plays fantasy football if not for some interviews that Berry did last summer), we just found out that Jay Z did not end up winning his league. The champion ended up being none other than…

Kudos to you, Steve Stoute. Not too many people can say that they beat Jay Z at, well, anything in 2013. But you did. Enjoy your ring.

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[via Matthew Berry]