Game: Super Bowl XLIV, Miami (2010)
People involved: Warren Sapp, NFL Network

Incident: The former defensive tackle was in Miami covering Super Bowl XLIV with the NFL Network, but his conduct turned out to be anything but professional. The day before the big game, Sapp was charged with misdemeanor domestic battery. The police were led to believe that he assaulted his girlfriend at the Shore Club Hotel at 5 a.m. and tried to choke her. It's a proven fact that nothing good happens after 2 a.m., five is just, well you see what happens. Sapp claimed he was trying to help her up, and she fell. Nice one, Warren.

Result: The NFL Network pulled Sapp from the coverage, but things would turn out okay for the big man. Towards the end of March that year, prosecutors dropped the charges because of inconsistencies between the victim's statements and evidence. The former Defensive Player of the Year and Super Bowl champion dodged a bullet there.