Game: Super Bowl XIII, Miami (1979)
People involved: Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson, Dallas Cowboys

Incident: Throughout his career, Hollywood had a reputation for being a bit of a badass party animal. But Henderson took the rollercoaster that was his life to the next level when he decided to hit the slopes—on the sideline. Tucking an inhaler of liquefied cocaine inside his uniform, Henderson still couldn't find the extra energy needed to stop the 'Boys being edged by the Pittsburgh Steelers by a score of 35-31. He also did a good job of pissing off Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw before the game.

Result: Well, Henderson's tale was really just beginning. Despite throwing away his football career and doing a two-year bid because of cocaine, he would have the last laugh after winning $28 million in the Texas lottery in 2000. He's also reportedly been clean and sober for 30 years. This has Hollywood reenactment written all over it, who ya got playing Henderson?

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