During the BCS National Championship on Monday night, it looked like Auburn alum Mark Skiba was sitting on a winning ticket. Before the 2013 college football season started, Skiba put $100 on his Tigers to win the BCS title at 500/1 odds. The ticket was set to win him $50,000 if Auburn could defeat Florida State. So last night, he was in Las Vegas watching the game here:

However, the night did not go as planned for him. As you no doubt know by now, Auburn jumped out to a 21-3 lead on Florida State in the first half. But they eventually lost to the Seminoles 34-31 thanks to a crazy Jameis Winston jump pass that sealed the game at the end. It was one of the best BCS National Championships ever. That is, unless you're Skiba. Skiba did manage to take home $2000, thanks to a bet that he put in during the game:

But no matter how you slice it, he missed out on winning $50K last night due to Auburn's porous defense. And Twitter responded by…well, being nice. Sure, some college football fans killed Skiba on Twitter for being too greedy and not hedging his bet prior to the game in order to guarantee that he would win a significant amount of money:

But for the most part, people felt bad for him on Twitter following the game last night:

Fortunately, Skiba didn't seem too broken up about missing out on the money and even joked with people and responded to them on Twitter.

We don't know that we would have been able to do the same. YOU JUST LOST $50K, DUDE! DOESN'T THAT SUCK?

It does suck. But if nothing else, Skiba did get to enjoy one hell of a ride this season. From Auburn's crazy win over Georiga to their thrilling victory over Alabama, Skiba was invested both financially and emotionally in his Tigers every single step of the way. And while $50,000 obviously would have been nice, the experience that he was able to enjoy over the course of the last few months has been priceless.

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