Birds and planes have been enemies since the Wright brothers drew their first sketches and dreamt man into flight. You would think that the sky is big enough for all of us to share, but clearly that is not the case. This Cessna 210 Centurion was logging a little time with the Canadian clouds when a lone goose either wasn't paying attention, or it didn't like the look of the plane and wanted to do a suicide mission to teach the pilot a lesson.

The bird flew through the propeller so fast that it sent pieces of itself crashing through the windshield. Despite the mass of blood, guts, and feathers that they took to the face, the pilot and passenger managed to stay cool and avoid crashing the plane, which is not how it would have went down if we were in control.

The video below captured the accident and plays it back in slow motion a few times so you get the full effect:

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[via LiveLeak]