We've heard a lot about some potential cool cars coming out of Nissan, and Product Chief Andy Palmer has let some details slip on what's actually happening. As it turns out, it's pretty much everything.

  • New Z Car: This will be smaller than the outgoing 370Z because "we can’t do the same thing three times."
  • New GT-R: There will be a hybrid version, and Nissan has registered "R-Hybrid" which stands for "Race Hybrid."
  • Bladeglider: The weirdly pointy sports car is "part of the five year product plan," so expect it in the next five years, unless a lawsuit derails it.
  • IDx: Palmer said the IDx, Nissan's new Datsun 510 and FR-S/BRZ competitor, was headed to production.
Sounds like a good time to us.
[via Autocar

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