Brian Jennings doesn't play for the 49ers anymore. But on Sunday afternoon, Jennings—who served as San Francisco's long snapper from 2000 through 2012—will most definitely be cheering for the Niners to beat the Panthers. Because according to him, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton owes him $25,000 right now.

Now, Jennings didn't lend Newton $25,000. He also didn't win a bet against him. But Jennings says that Newton did cost him $25,000 back in 2011 when he threw three interceptions during the Pro Bowl on just 9-of-27 passing. Had the NFC won that game, Jennings would have received $25K for being on the winning team. But Newton's poor performance contributed to an NFC loss and prevented Jennings from collecting a $25,000 check at the end of the game. At least, that's how Jennings sees things.

"We have Drew Brees with his playbook all week, studying," Jennings said earlier this week. "We have Cam Newton with his headphones on all week goofing off…We go into the game, and this guy is chucking the ball all over the place, and everybody is looking around going, 'What's this guy doing? Are you kidding?' The punter and I look at each other and say, 'We are going to have a long second half.' We punted five times."

So Jennings wants his $25,000. Is he going to get it? HA. No. No way. But he did just provide the Panthers with a little bit of bulletin board material. Look out, Niners.

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[via For The Win]