Those concerned about self-driving cars taking over the world can chill out for now. People won't exactly be lining up for the world's first autonomous vehicle for sale. The Induct Navia is basically a golf cart capable of reaching the dangerously high speed of 12 mph. For just $250,000, you can cop it and crawl around with up to seven of your friends. 

We won't go as far as calling the Navia a fail because Induct isn't seeking to replace the sedan in your driveway. The autonomous vehicle is intended for areas like a college campus or downtown. "The Navia can navigate around any type of environment without needing guidance from infrastructure, unlike other solutions that have been developed in this market,” says Cyril Royere, Robotics Director at Induct.

Still, we're disapointed this is the first self-driving car on the market. An pricey golf cart that can only drive itself slowly doesn't ooze sex appeal. Hopefully the versions from Volvo, Nissan, and others will. 

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[via Business Insider]