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Doing in-game interviews with Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich has turned into a real chore for ESPN commentators. And ESPN continues to schedule Spurs games—even when they're playing against teams like the Jazz, like they were last night—so their commentators continue to have to find ways to ask Popovich questions that don't result in him wanting to rip their heads off.

Things have actually gotten so bad when it comes to interviewing Popovich that, during last night's Jazz/Spurs game, ESPN commentators Jon Barry and Dave Pasch resorted to flipping a coin to determine who was going to interview Pop. Pasch lost, which meant that he was in charge of going out and talking with the coach at the end of the third quarter. And it went, well, about as bad as it always goes when it comes to doing in-game interviews with the Spurs coach. Why does ESPN even bother anymore?

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[via For The Win]