Back in May 2011, Peyton Manning underwent neck surgery. Following that procedure, Eli felt as though his brother's playing days were done. What a difference nearly three years make, huh? While on the NFL Network's Super Bowl Live, the younger Manning brother revealed what it was like seeing Peyton after going under the knife. 

“Yeah, and I saw him after that first surgery, this neck surgery, and I was pretty much convinced that he was done,” Eli told NFL Network. “There was no way he could come back and play football. That first time he went and we were just throwing it in the backyard of our house. We’re throwing 15 yards away, and it was a lob. He couldn’t throw 15 yards on a line. It had no pop. I was like, I mean — he wanted to come back and play football, and I didn’t think it would happen.”

Eli must be happy he was wrong now.  

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[via Larry Brown Sports]