The North American International Auto Show didn't disappoint. Around every corner, at almost every stand, there was something to oogle over. Even companies who didn't have new cars to show were having press conferences to discuss the future. And right now, the future is looking damn good. New concept cars, unforseen design projects, and all-new models left people slack-jawed and grabbing for the nearest bottle of fizzy lemon water. See which models really stood out as cars you'll be wishing you could Instagram. 

Porsche 911 Targa

Thirst LevelExcitement tears!
Availability: June

The 911 will never be ugly. It's the definition of timeless beauty. The brushed aluminum, the roll bar, and the 10-second conversion all make this a winner. Modern retro, calling back to 1975 when this model was originally released. 

Nissan IDx NISMO

Thirst LevelYou're not just going to tease us with this, right? RIGHT? DONT IGNORE ME, NISSAN
Availability: 2016

The IDx twins are supposed to be a bit of an homage to Datsuns, and Nissan recently mentioned that it'd make either this or the lifestyle version, the Freestyle. If they want to really make some noise, they'll wise up and just make both and maybe boost up that 188hp turbo-4 a bit. This is the company that makes the GT-R, so we know they're more than capable. 

Kia GT4 Stinger

Thirst Level: Where do I enter? 
Availability:  Concept now, likely future BRZ/FR-S fighter

Aside from Toyota's halo monster, this Kia was one of the most shocking parts of the Detroit Auto Show, which is saying something for a Korean brand. An affordable sports car would introduce the brand into a segment that can use some more competition to push its boundaries further. 

Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge

Thirst Level: Ruin our reputations on TV and fight 30 other thirsters just for a chance at love.
Availability: Concept used to gauge public reaction

The Q50 was already a pretty solid-looking sedan, but infuse it with F1 inspiration (wattup Vettel), and you get this gorgeously painted, carbon-fibered, crouched villain that can punch you in the gut with more than 500hp. 

Nissan Sport Sedan Concept

Thirst Level: Let me ride you while I drive.
Availability: A preview of the upcoming Maxima

4DSC (4-door Sports Coupe) is not a term Nissan enthusiasts throw around lightly, but this could be the comapany's return to something special. Style cues such as the boomerang lights and blacked-out pillars are sure to make it to production. Let's just hope the body looks as smooth. 

Subaru WRX STi Launch Edition

Thirst Level: Why aren't all WRXs like this? My boner is dead.
Availability: Only 1,000 will be made

First Subaru comes out with the disappointing base WRX. Then they tell the public that the STi with this specific color scheme is only a special edition, meaning hundreds more will be left even more pissed off. Where's the love in that? 

Lexus RC F

Thirst Level: Drill a peep hole in a hotel room just so we can stare at this ish.
Availability: Late 2014

The time has come for BMW enthusiasts to stop shrugging off Lexus. Instead, they should be watching their back, as this RC F, which is RWD and projected to have a more than 450hp and close to 400 lb-ft of torque, is comin' for the M4's neck. Seriously, that spindle grille might suction right onto the Beemer's body panel. 


Thirst Level: Your brand is kind of off track, but lemme get it.
Availability: June

BMW needs this, well, this and the M4, to do really well. A turbo-I6 and a face like that should do the trick. 

Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Thirst Level: Marry me? 
Availability: Early 2015

There apparently won't be a ZR1, but who needs it when you've got a car with 625hp, magnetic ride control, a 7-speed manual transmission, and a chassis so stiff you can still remove the roof for when you want to destroy everybody else's confidence? 

Toyota FT-1 Concept

Thirst Level: "It look like you fart baby angels."
Availability: Just a concept, but could preview future sports cars

The shocker of the show looks like a cross between an insect with a ferocious sting, an alien, and an awesome track-eating supercar. Nobody really saw this thing coming, and for the most part, it received overwhelmingly positive responses. The nose is really the only thing that people weren't feeling. It's fantastic to see a company, which is doing just fine in the numbers department, has enough self-awareness that it knows it still needs to instill some high-brow excitement back into its lineup (the FR-S has the low locked up).