DeMarcus Cousins deserves to be an NBA All-Star. There's really no debating that. In the "frontcourt" designation, fans voted in Kevin Durant, Kevin Love, and Blake Griffin, all players who definitely deserve to be there as starters. The coaches pick the reserves, and Tim Duncan has already been put on the roster, and it's likely that Dirk Nowitzki will be awarded the final spot, as sort of a last hurrah for the future hall of famer. 

That means that Cousins, Anthony Davis, Serge Ibaka, and David Lee will all be spectators. Naturally, every All-Star selections leaves snubs, but of those four DMC is easily the biggest. He is in the Top 10 in scoring per game at 22.6, he is SECOND in the league in scoring per 48 minutes (33.9 behind Durant's insane 39.4), he's tied with Dwight Howard for first in the league in free throw attempts per minute (and is hitting 72 percent as a center compared to Dwight's 52), and he's grabbing 11.6 boards per game. He's also handing out 3 dimes per game. Not too bad, right? 

Of course, all of these stats overlook the fact that he's had his attitude issues and leads the league in technical fouls with 11, but is the All-Star game really about who is the most polite player? It's first and foremost a popularity contest, but pure performance puts Cousins on that court, whether it's as a starter or reserve. Even Lebron agrees. Cousins dealing with a sprained ankle now, but all of this goes without mentioning the fact that he should probably be on the U.S. Olympic team, as well. 

Coincidentally, as we were speccing out DMC, we noticed that he has a great variety of rides that he's posted on his Instagram. We knew that he was gifted a Porsche Panamera by a Porsche dealership back in 2012, but cars aren't his only lane. He's also posted a few bike rides, shown off his exclusive kicks on top of skateboards, and has even been jet skiing with his old schoolmate John Wall. Check out the wide variety of wheels below. 

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