Darren Sharper got a bad look last week when he was jailed on suspicion of raping three women. The former NFL player and Pro Bowler's attorney responded, and they're saying that the encounter was consensual. 

Sharper's attorney said the woman from a September case in New Orleans willingly followed Sharper to his apartment. She's also confident there is no evidence of sexual assault. The victim's original report claimed the former safety picked her up at a bar after a night of drinking and was forced to have non-consensual sex. Sharper's attorney, Nandi F. Campbell, says there's various surveillance footage that says otherwise while witnesses say Sharper was mingling with the victim.

The former player has also been accused of Los Angeles sexual assaults in October and earlier this month. Sharper has been suspended from his analyst job at the NFL Network because of his legal issues.

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[via TMZ]