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Remember the seven-year, $180 million deal that the Tigers gave to Justin Verlander last year? Pssshhhhhhh. That's nothing compared to the contract that the Dodgers just gave left-handed pitcher Clayton Kershaw 

After some pretty extensive negotiations, Kershaw reportedly just agreed to sign a seven-year, $215 million contract with Los Angeles. It's the biggest contract ever given to an MLB pitcher and it includes an out clause that goes into effect after five years. So if Kershaw continues to pitch as well as he has in recent years—he's won two of the last three National League Cy Young awards—he could be in for another big payday in five years. And if he doesn't? Well, $215 million should be enough to sustain him for the rest of his life, right?

Ha. Yeah, we'd say so.

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[via ESPN Los Angeles]