Skateboarding is hard to quantify. Sure, you can count stairs or measure the height of a backside air, but that ignores so much of what makes skateboarding great. Saying this guy is better than that guy is pretty silly because every skater brings their own feelings to the table when viewing a video. 2013 was a good year for online video. Maybe the best year yet. That's why it was so insanely difficult to cut down the list to just 10 videos to show you. Catch some feelings while you take a look at The Best Online Skate Parts of 2013


Mark Suciu Sabotage - SABOTAGE3

Release Date: 10/30

Mark Suciu had a hell of a year. He won Year's Best Am from The Skateboard Mag, went pro for Habitat, put out a ton of footage, and ended up as Transworld's rookie of the year. The Sabotage part was the first salvo of Suciu's attack on skateboarding with all the familiar Suciu tropes: Philadelphia, spins in and out of grinds and slides, and super human board control. At this rate, Suciu is on track for SOTY any minute now.

Brad Cromer Lo-Fi

Release Date: 2/27

2013 saw Brad Cromer finally going pro for Krooked. But before that, his part in Lo-Fi dropped online and the chants for a Cromer pro model reached a fever pitch. It is nice to see someone on the verge of a professional career put out a full part in a homie video. Here's hoping 2014 sees more of Cromer's quick feet, solid trick selection, and unique style coming across our computer screens.

"Trocadéro Days" by Pontus Alv : Converse Skateboarding

Release Date: 9/6

No one inspires quite like Pontus Alv. Trocadero Days saw Pontus and a few bros from the Converse team cruising around Paris with a jump ramp and a couple of Happy/Sad metal plates getting weird and wonderful. If this didn't inspire you to think about building your own jump ramp, then you might not have a soul.

Ishod Wair Sabotage 3 Remix

Release Date: 2/1

Skater Of The Year, Ishod Wair, shines as a true skate rat in his part from the video Sabotage. You can get plenty more hammers in Ishod's other 2013 video appearances but his Sabotage part has a very casual feel with Ishod. Even the tricks into the Love Park fountain feel nonchalant. It is the friendly vibes in his Sabotage that puts it on the list and makes it worth repeat viewings.

DC Shoes: The Evan Smith Experience

Release Date: 3/21

Evan Smith stands as somewhat of a counter point to DC and Element team mate Nyjah Huston. While Nyjah is the big game hunter, checking off NBDs at famous SoCal rails, Evan Smith is traveling the world hitting up new spots with a stylish flowy approach. Evan seems to get that spots matter and we see plenty of interesting banks, bumps, and rails that haven't been skated before. This video served as Evan's going pro announcement and acts as a reminder that we need more pros like Evan Smith out there. We just don't need them to be writing their own soundtrack.

The Philadelphia Experiment

Release Date: 3/4

Chris Mulhern cements his place in videographer history this year with multiple projects. The best of those projects is The Philadelphia Experiment, which best represents Mulhern's film making chops and the new Philadelphia skate scene. Love Park still gets shredded, City Hall is bulldozed, and Ishod, Suciu, and the rest of Philadelphia's new generation successfully carry the torch passed by Ricky Oyola, whose hi-8 cameo warms our 90's-era heart.

"James Hardy's Homecoming" FULL PART

Release Date: 7/4

Skipping out on international filming missions in favor of his Alabama home, James Hardy dropped a heavy part on the Thrasher website with plenty of gritty southern spots that most pros wouldn't even get out of the van for. The rough spots and powerhouse skating is more relatable than the perfect rails and picnic tables of California school yards. Give James Hardy's Homecoming another look for a reminder of what skate spots are like for the rest of us.

Magenta's Old Whoops New Groove

Release Date: 12/9

Magenta's Leo Valls and Ben Gore bring new vibes to San Francisco's well worn hills, humps, and bumps in Old Whoops New Groves. It feels like skateboarding distilled down to it's purest form. Speed, pop, and creativity. The occasional flip trick punctuates the sliding, spinning, and snapping throughout this four-minute video. Special recognition goes to videographer Zach Chamberlain, who put personal safety and camera gear on the line to film the downhill destruction.

adidas Skateboarding Madrid

Release Date: 6/26

Take one of skateboarding's best teams and drop them in one of Europe's best no-yet-blown-out cities and you get adidas In Madrid, one of the best videos of 2013. Even Mark Gonzales gets tricks along with Suciu, Busenitz, new addition Rodrigo TX, plus much of the rest of Adidas's diverse squad. The skaters are phenomenal and the spots are a dream. Give this another look.

HUF Quality Footwear Introduces Kevin Terpening

Release Date: 6/15

Clocking in at only 36 seconds, Kevin Terpening's welcome to HUF video makes quite an impression. You can see why Dill and AVE brought Terps along with them to Fucking Awesome. The snap out of that frontside wallride is incredible. With just these handful of tricks, you can see how Terps is carrying the torch for a generation more concerned with the way a trick is done than how hard it is.

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