If you've ever watched a single basketball game in your life, chances are you know what the three-point sign looks like. If you don't know what it is by name, it's this:

NEWSFLASH: It's a gang sign! At least it is in Sheboygan Falls High School, a high school with an enrollment of 539. Apparently, very few of that 539 watches basketball because some students didn't feel safe after the photo. This helped justify the school district's decision to suspend two of three brothers (Jordan, Jamal and Juwaun Jackson) after using the sign while posing for a goofy picture that ran in the Sheboygan Falls News. Jordan Jackson was the brother who held the sign, and was surprised when he was told it meant Blood. Juwan, who was simply pointing at the camera, was also suspended. The brothers had just moved to the district.

The duo was reinstated in time for a big game after facing pressure from the ACLU of Wisconsin, but it's ridiculous this even originally warranted suspension. To say the sign signals gang activity is the same as saying this guy is about that life:

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