For those of you who don't know, it's a website that focuses on groupies being linked to their one true love: money. But in their own spin it's "For Women Who Want the Ballerific Life." You've got discussion forums, blogs, and news all in the name of bad taste. It's a prime example of the Internet connecting people with a hobby that was once frowned upon. You've probably noticed that there are crazy niche sites everywhere. In the past, insane people got laughed out of whatever room they were in. Now the Internet allows them to connect with the like-mindedly insane and for that reason you get sites like Baller Alert.

But it isn't without it's wisdom. Here at Complex we like to think that we can learn from everything. We can learn from an algebra text book, Wikipedia, or a website that discusses how to properly blow a "baller." That type of inquisitive nature is the very foundation of education and would make Plato beam with pride. So even though it was laborious, we educated ourselves. Jets' quarterback Geno Smith should've done the same. But instead he has screengrabs of text messages and dick pics all over the Internet. Here are 11 Things We Learned from the Groupies on

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