Early yesterday, we told you all about Arian Foster's recent baby mama drama. According to TMZ, Foster got a 20-year-old college student named Brittany Norwood pregnant late last year and then tried to convince her to have an abortion when she told him about it. Norwood is now suing Foster for child support and for the emotional distress that she claims she has suffered as a result of Foster asking her to abort her unborn child.

However, despite the scandalous nature of the story, Foster had not responded to the lawsuit or the TMZ report as of yesterday. So Isiah Carey—a reporter for FOX 26 in Houston—decided that he was going to try and get the scoop on the story from Foster himself. He obtained a copy of the lawsuit that Norwood filed, found Foster's address on it, and went to Foster's home to question him directly about the story. And it didn't go too well. Carey posted a transcript from his short conversation with Foster on his personal site yesterday. His convo with Foster went like this:

CAREY: There's no way we can get a word with you?

FOSTER: Please get off my property, man. Please, bro. Please, man. Is your story that important to you? Is it really, dog? Do you know how this shit is tearing me apart?

CAREY: I understand that and I…

FOSTER: Then come on, fam. Let's be real, man. Look at me in my eyes and tell me this is alright, man. This is not OK, dog, I've got family here, man. I got two kids here, bro.

CAREY: I got it, but we're not showing your home location.

FOSTER: I don't care, bro, I don't care. I will talk to y'all when I feel it's right and it's not right, man.


FOSTER: You believe her all you want to, dog. I know in my heart. I know what's in me, man. This is my house.

CAREY: Can I leave my card with you?

FOSTER: No, bro, I know how to get in contact with you, man.

Carey also filmed his encounter with Foster. You can watch it in this FOX 26 report:

Understandably, Foster didn't reveal very much to Carey. This scandal just broke so we're sure that he's still trying to process it and deal with whatever is happening in his personal life as a result of it. But we would expect him to release some kind of statement—probably something through his lawyers—sometime soon. Stay tuned.

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