Alex Rodriguez has been ruled out for next season after he finally got hit with a 162-game suspension. He's probably going to tell his side of the story at some point, but tonight, television viewers will hear Anthony Bosch's.

Bosch is former head of the infamous Biogenesis Clinic, and he was key in the Rodriguez case because of his testimony against him. He'll appear on the next 60 Minutes and even talk about injecting Rodriguez with PEDs. Bosch also talks about receiving death threats from those associated with the scandal in order to keep quiet, which ironically drove him to testify for the MLB because it offered protection.

The MLB isn't exactly the heroes here, though. An in-depth New York profile reveals the league coerced Bosch into testifying by suing him for "tortuous interference," possibly knowing he couldn't pay the legal fees. Regardless, MLB won and now it's Bosch's time to speak.

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[via The Big Lead]