Andrew Luck has only played two seasons in the NFL. However, after yesterday's ridiculous comeback by the Indianapolis Colts against the Kansas City Chiefs, Luck was showered with praise and high accolades by the team's general manager, Ryan Grigson, and head coach Chuck Pagano. Here are the quotes below and then, we'll discuss. 

First, Grigson and comparison of Luck to Michael Jordan

“He’s always been a different animal in the fourth quarter, his whole life,” said Colts general manager Ryan Grigson, who was a rookie in his position, like Luck was, in 2012. “And just even hearing the story from his uncle (and agent) Will (Wilson). He relishes those moments. It’s like (Michael) Jordan when he’d take that last shot — he wants the ball. This guy, we’re so blessed, he wants the ball in those situations. Other guys don’t want the ball; they want to hand it off. They don’t really want it — they’re gonna be half-stepping it. “This kid is gonna rear back and throw a bomb when he has all the pressure on him. And that’s a thing of beauty. You’re born with that.”

And, Pagano's comments about Luck being one of, if not the best, to ever play the game: 

“There’s been some great ones,” Pagano said, still smiling in disbelief. “But (Andrew Luck is) gonna go down as probably one of the best, if not the best, ever to play this game when everything is all said and done. We’re very, very fortunate to have No. 12 on our side.” 

Ehhh, alright. We can get onboard with the MJ comparison. Sure, Luck wants to the ball in his hands when it matters most. That makes sense. As for soon they forget about Peyton Manning, huh? You know, the quarterback who won a Super Bowl as a member of the Colts in 2007 and four, going on possibly five NFL MVP awards. Yeah, that guy. Maybe Luck will turn out better in the end, but that just feels like a slap in the face to Peyton. What do you think?

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[via Black Sports Online]