It seems Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman is inspiring everyone right now. Earlier this week, we told you about how Coleman's recent Duracell commercial—which features Coleman talking about how he's struggled with hearing issues his entire life—has inspired notable video director/Complex staffer Rik Cordero. But Rik wasn't the only one who felt inspired by Coleman's commercial.

Early yesterday, Twitter user Jake Kovalcik (@JakeIsMobile) sent a letter to the Seahawks and Coleman on the social media site. And the letter, which was written by one of Kovalcik's young daughters, is the most heartwarming thing you'll read on the Internet this week. It features her telling Coleman how much she appreciates his story since she wears a hearing aid. You can read the letter here:

Is that great or what? If you haven't seen it already, watch Coleman's commercial below. We guarantee you'll walk away feeling inspired by it.

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[via @JakeIsMobile]