Last June, just a couple of days after former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was arrested for allegedly murdering Odin Lloyd, police also connected him to a double murder that took place in Boston in 2012. However, they didn't reveal how they were able to initially connect him to it, and it was a little unclear how they stumbled upon enough evidence to tie him to the 2012 crime in such a short amount of time. But now, we finally have our answer.

The details surrounding the case are still a bit muddy. But according to a new warrant that was just obtained by the Hartford Courant, a man named Sharif Hashem—a security supervisor at a club called Rumor—contacted police shortly after Lloyd was killed in June. Hernandez and Lloyd had been at Rumor just two days prior to Lloyd's death. And Hashem reportedly told police that, while the two men were at the club, someone "accidentally spilled the beans in front of me" and revealed details about the double murder. That led police to go back and take a look at surveillance footage from the Cure Lounge in Boston, which is the lounge where the two men who were killed in the 2012 double murder were at prior to their deaths. And police found that Hernandez and an associate named Alexander Bradley (the same man who is currently suing Hernandez for allegedly shooting him in the face) were at Cure that night. Police have also connected an SUV that was used in the drive-by shooting of the two men to Hernandez.

Confused? You should be. There is a lot of evidence that police have found and used to connect Hernandez to both the killing of Odin Lloyd and the 2012 double murder. There's likely more to come, too. And it all sounds very, very bad for Hernandez.

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[via The Big Lead]