We're pumped for the new VW Golf R. It's powered by a turbo charged I4 that makes 290 hp, much like a WRX STI; it's AWD like the WRX; it's very blue, like the WRX; and it's a hatchback, like the WRX should be. Given that this will, no doubt, have a nicer interior than the Subaru as well, we're excited.

Now we're stupidly excited, because it has been confirmed that VW is bringing a car called the Golf R Evo to the Beijing motor show. This 2.0L I4 has been miraculously pushed up to 370 hp and 332 lb-ft of torque, eclipsing the record-breaking 355 hp 2.0L from the Mercedes CLA45 AMG. The lead engineer on the project thinks that the maximum amount of stable horsepower that could be extracted from this engine is 400.

Carbon fiber body panels and a stripped interior should get the weight below 3,000 lbs, which means that this thing should be crazy fast.

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[via Autocar