If you truly love your car and unfortunately have to park your baby outside (damn those hoarding parents who use the garage as storage!), every time you come back is a gut-wrenching moment of wonderment about whether or not the car is okay. It's even worse when you have to park in a full parking lot of irresponsible kids at school or on a public curb where nobody knows how to properly parallel park.

Aside from getting hit when you're not there, the worst thing to see is one of those bright orange pamphlets sitting under your windshield wiper telling you that your convenient choice for a parking space will cost you $200 for being three centimeters too close to a hydrant. Sometimes, though, that piece of paper isn't from the police and it won't cost you anything except your dignity. It's from another person who is too impatient to wait for you but still wants to let you know you're a dick. Or, they're hiding in the bush filming your reaction. 

These types of notes aren't unprovoked. They typically come because your dumb ass decided to park somewhere really stupid or your car repeatedly does something that inhibits other members of society from carrying on with their normal days. We've gone through a bunch of notebook paper reading some of these notes that provide hilarious sarcasm, lots of new insults, weirdly spelled insults, and some pretty direct threats. Check out 25 Hilariously Hostile Notes Left on Cars

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