DMC's favorite thing to do is make the Lamborghini Aventador even more extreme. Subtlety isn't in the vocabulary. Restraint isn't in the repertoire. The concept of "enough" was never grasped as children. DMC is lovably nuts.

The latest product, which we assume must be the tuner's magnum opus, is a 2,000 hp, $2.5 Million Aventador. The point isn't to just be an insanely overpowered car, it's also to stand out in a theoretical sea of Aventadors without mods that look bad. “The trick to make a Lamborghini Aventador stand out even more from the crowd is to change the details to make it look just different enough to be noticed…installing a DMC Stage 3 kit on the Aventador will be a perfect way to make it sand out from the crowd.”

0-60 happens in a terrifying 2.3 seconds.

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[via DMC

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