One team is 9-21 and has reverted to the good ole team we loved most of the millennium. That's sarcastically speaking, of course. One team is 10-20 as one coach steadily loses his job. It's December and one team still hasn't won a game yet, leading a few to ask just what the hell they're waiting for. They're all off to rough starts early in this basketball season. But only one can be The Worst Basketball Team in New York Today.


Leave it to the Knicks to lose to the best team in the NBA's worst division on two consecutive nights by double digits. New York is a mediocre team that's only been competitive against average teams. The only team it's beaten that now has a winning record is the Hawks. We've seen what happens when the Knicks face a great team...or didn't see since many already knew that was going to be a blowout. New York still gets worked by OK teams too, like it did by the Raptors this weekend. Toronto swept the Knicks in scores of 95-83 and 115-100. Must have been a fun weekend for former Toronto Raptor Andrea Bargnani.


Would you really count beating your 12-year-old cousin in NBA 2K14 a win, even though his only experience with the game is a glimpse through the instruction manual? No? So let's skip over the win over the Bucks and touch on how they got beat by a good team—The Pacers. Brooklyn actually kept it close, but for whatever reason, it fell apart once again in the third quarter. The Nets were outscored 28-20 in that quarter before losing 105-91. Larry Bird was in attendance, but Brooklyn still put up a performance unworthy of his presence. Shot 46.8 percent? Not good enough. Try the Pacers' 53.5 percent.


Cornell is going into the new year without a single win, which is obviously a big disappointment in itself. But how about this fact: Cornell's 0-12 start is the worst in the school's history. It looked like the school at least fixed some of its problems in its 67-59 loss against St. Peter's. Big Red's field goal percentage was better (.400 to St. Peter's .367) in addition to the rebounds (34-32). This time the killer was St. Peter's hitting 20 more free throws than Cornell. Yikes.


Cornell University. The Knicks still suck, and that's not changing for a while. The Nets are pretty bad too, but they at least put up a decent fight against the Pacers. They aren't historically bad, unlike Cornell. It's the only team Division-I and up to have not won a game.