One team is 5-15 and lost two straight games while one player lost some dignity after falling victim to Kyrie Irving's wizardry. One team is 7-14 after beating the team that blew out its Manhattan counterpart, which also blew the 7-14 team out. One team's circumstance isn't as confusing; they've played 10 games without accomplishing the main goal of basketball: Score more points than the other team. They're all off to rough starts early in this basketball season. But only one can be The Worst Basketball Team in New York Today.


The Knicks are a tragedy cutlet, baked within a struggle oven, marinated with shitiness, served on a plate of disappointment with some struggle remix of Lil B's "Wonton Soup" playing in the background. If that recipe sounds messy and incongruous, it's because it is; New York is a mess. It's as if the Knicks haven't done enough to show they are the model of inconsistency. After two straight blowout wins, New York ended up getting slaughtered by the Celtics—not in Boston but at home. It could be because of the apparent bad luck of those orange uniforms or how Adam Sandler's presence in the audience kind of ruined the vibe, but there's absolutely no excuse to be losing to a Rajon Rondo-less Boston (or any team under any circumstance) by 41 points. The 114-73 defeat was the third largest home loss in team history. The Knicks followed that disgrace with another fail against Cleveland in a game they lost 109-94. The score wasn't the worst part. That came when Kyrie Irving sonned Pablo Prigioni. C'mon, Prigioni. Irving isn't over there. He's over there, about to make you look like a bum with a three-pointer.


This one is a bit confusing. The Nets got blown out by the Knicks (113-83), who in turn got blown out even worse by the Celtics. Last night, the Nets beat Boston 106-94 for their first two-game winning streak of the season. So does this mean Brooklyn is the better professional basketball team (which isn't anything to be too proud of these days)? Well, at least they are with Deron Williams. The guard returned and put up 25 points to help catapult Brooklyn. The Nets are obviously a better team with Williams in the lineup, which is shaky considering how suspect that ankle is. He should stay off Irving when his team meets Cleveland.


It's always a bit intriguing when a team goes 10 or more games without a single win. Is it injuries? Teams too tough? Has the rim been unfriendly for 10 straight games? Whatever is the case, Cornell is winless after 10 games. To be fair, Big Red has faced some tough teams, including Syracuse, Notre Dame, and Louisville. You can't be out here losing by an average of 33 points in each of those games though. Even though Cornell has been dealing with an unlucky slate of opponents, the team should combat that bad luck by simply playing better basketball.


The Knicks. Also known as one of the most befuddling teams in the league. Once again after showing hints of promise, New York reconfirms its appearance as an inept team that's tragically stacked with potential. A shame. Also, R.I.P. Prigioni. He just messed with the wrong guard on the wrong night.