One team is 9-18 as Kevin Durant sheds a tear while praying for his Christmas Day enemies. One team is 9-18 after finding out how hard it is to win against a good team. One team is just as bad as the gum that shares its name (cinnamon is overrated)They're all off to rough starts early in this basketball season. But only one can be The Worst Basketball Team in New York Today. 


Say what you want about Carmelo Anthony whether you're talking about his penetrable defense or his at-times weird shot selection, but at the end of the day, the Knicks need him. This is not the type of need the Thunder had when Russell Westbrook was out with that injury and fans were like, "Shit, this sucks, but we'll be kind of all right with Kevin Durant existing." No, the Knicks need this guy. When Anthony left the game in the third quarter against the Magic with a sprained ankle, New York really started playing like a 9-18 team. The blue and orange had their 25-point lead cut to less than five by the Magic. The Magic. New York barely made it out with a 103-98 victory thanks in part to Iman Shumpert doing what he should've been doing since the beginning of the season. This is a very shallow victory though as the Knicks get ready to face the Thunder on Christmas Day possibly without Anthony. #knickstape anyone?


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In a result that shocked most fans into apathy, Brooklyn fell to the Pacers 103-86. The game was still pretty close going into halftime, so that's sort of a highlight. Jason Kidd put the game and Nets' season into perspective after the game: "Well, I think it is getting very close to just accepting losing. We are kind of getting comfortable with losing." He's right, and it's crazy because this was a team that was supposed to go deep into the playoffs judging from the offseason changes. Now, it's an accomplishment if they make it. Should've known getting Uniqlo and having a winning basketball team in one season was too good to be true.


After Marist finally won a couple of games, Big Red should've grew some cojones and started doing the same thing. Winning was a skill Cornell was still pretty inept in as they lost 76-54 against Stony Brook to drop 0-11. Clearly things need to change, but sadly, Cornell seems like a pretty stubborn squad. Just look at that ugly three-pointer statistic. The team was 6-of-31 from that range, which brings to question how many misses do you need to realize three-pointers just aren't the movement for a game? No Ivy League college should be struggling to this extent with logic.


The Knicks. How do you lose a key player and almost immediately start sucking with a little more than a quarter left? They deserve to get punished by Kevin Durant.