One team is 4-13 and broke their losing streak by beating blowing out a team that was more terrible than it was. One team is 5-14 and just so happened to be that terrible team. One team is out here just trying to win a game. They're all off to rough starts early in this basketball season. But only one can be The Worst Basketball Team in New York Today.


So you called it in early last night, wake up and look at the Knicks' record, squint and see there's a "4" to the left of the L column, rub your eyes in disbelief and go, "Oh shit, the Knicks won?" Your eyes aren't deceiving you. The Knicks did play against one of the few teams in the NBA that are worse than they are, but the optimist in us would like to believe they earned the victory. (Because a name like "What's the Worst Basketball Team in New York Today?" actually screams optimism.) This time the entire team decided to show up with guns blazing instead of giving another performance of the Carmelo Anthony and Andrea Bargnani Show featuring Tim Hardaway Jr. Also, it's very hard for any opposing team to come out with a victory when the Knicks are shooting 57 percent from the field, including 59 percent from beyond-the-arc. Iman Shumpert gets props for his 5-of-7 three-point performance in his 17-point game. J.R. Smith didn't score a lot, but he was efficient; he was 50 percent shooting for his eight points and finished with three rebounds, one assist, and a body.


Brooklyn, on the other hand, just lost to a team with one of the worst records in the NBA by 30 points. Plus this is the Nets' second straight blowout loss, and this time they looked just as bad on both ends of the court. Brooklyn shot 39.7 percent, and although New York's shooting was impressive, you have to take a look at just how shitty the Nets' defense was at certain points. Just look at how wide open Shumpert was in certain points. The one bright spot?  Deron Williams and Paul Pierce did look pretty fly in their suits when they were sitting out.


One team at least looked good last night while the other just looked like a mess. They both have some wins though, which is more than what can be said for Marist College. The Red Foxes are 0-8, and it isn't like none of these games were winnable. Morgan State is 1-7 so far this season; guess where that one win came from? It doesn't look like Marist's luck will change after losing to Iona this week, as they will will face another winning team—which they have a .000 winning percentage against—in Manhattan at 7 PM.


It all comes down to this: The Nets lost by 30 points to a team that was on a nine-game losing streak and has the second-to-worst record in the Eastern Conference. On their home court. Throughout the whole ordeal, you just picture a Jason Kidd who constantly looks befuddled, showing that he's already running out of ideas for what's supposed to be a playoff contending team. And you thought he'd never look as bad as he did during his last season with the Knicks.