Protean is teaming up with Chinese car manufacturer owned by VW to develop of an electric in-wheel motor. These wheels will eliminate the need for driveshafts and other components. Each motor, which will cost about $1,500 per wheel, delivers 100 horsepower and a holy-shit-that's-impressive 739 lb-feet of torque. To put that last number in perspective, it's the same as the twin-turbocharged 6.0 liter V12 in the Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG

The Chinese manufacturer, FAW-Volkswagon, has been working on an electric version of the VW Jetta for years. But now it's changed its plans to include the Protean motors. While we can expect to see a prototype in 2014, Protean VP of Production Ken Stewart says it'll be a few years until the car goes into production. 

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[via Fox News