If it's aggressive, Vilner will find a way to model a car after it. Their latest mean ride started as a BMW 6-Series and was modified with a bullshark in mind. From the gill-like air outlets on the side, new hood and the Infinity FX exhaust cap and lights, and of course carbon fiber bumper, door sills, mirrors, and spoiler, the exterior does have a more predatory vibe.

The interior is where the BMW Bullshark wows us. The choice of blue, brown, and cream tones for the leather and alcantara that wrap everything from the M series seats to the rearview mirror are excellent and not what you would expect when looking at the exterior. Consider the tuned 370 hp and a high-end sound system, and you got yourself a dope road shark that your prey will be too busy gawking at to try and escape.

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