Have you always wanted a Bugatti Veyron only to be slapped in the face by the $2-million price tag? Well, you're in luck as long as the $1.25-million Buy-It-Now option is more within your budget. eBay user solo2672, who's previously sold a couple of digital recording stations and has received positive feedback that includes appreciation for "Excellent communication!!!!!," is selling a 2008 Bugatti Veyron 16.4. 

The supercar only has 990 miles and is in "pristine condition." Unfortunately, this disqualifies it as a Bugatti suitable for waking up in. Sure, it's new to you. But Future didn't opt for the catchy alternative, "I woke up in a Bugatti that's used but new to me." The good news, however, is that the Bugatti is certified by Carfax. The Car Fox could not be reached for comment. 

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[via eBay]