Even though they played a home game yesterday afternoon, the Detroit Lions got booed—a lot—when they took on the New York Giants. They got booed when the Giants took an early lead. They got booed when Matthew Stafford threw a pick-six late in the game to tie things up 20-20. And they got booed at the end of the fourth quarter when they opted to take the game to overtime. "Booooooo!" was the word of the day in Detroit.

Stafford's girlfriend Kelly Hall didn't appreciate it, either. So towards the end of the game, she decided to speak up and say something about it. And she sent out this tweet:

And, of course, that didn't sit real well with Detroit fans on Twitter. A lot of them responded back with the standard "Don't blame the fans!" tweets. But one in particular hit her with a tweet so good, so great, so awesome that…Well, just read it for yourself:

Ouch! Burned. That, ladies and gentleman, is how you troll someone on Twitter.

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[via Black Sports Online]