The Knicks are a joke right now. No, really. They are. Just go search "Knicks" on Twitter and you will see joke after joke after joke after joke after joke after joke after…you get the point. People are LOLing all over the social media site right now at the Knicks' expense.

There are also quite a few people who are pissed off at the Knicks at the moment. Specifically, they're mad that the Knicks failed to call a timeout at the end of their game against the Wizards last night (they had three remaining) and cost themselves the chance to set up a game-winning shot.

Some people are mad at Knicks coach Mike Woodson for not taking a TO:

Others are mad at Knicks players like Carmelo Anthony:

And everyone else has—you guessed it—jokes about the timeout situation:

Sigh. Sorry, Knicks fans. But it's going to be a long season. If only this were a viable option:

LOL. Sorry, Knicks fans, but we just couldn't help ourselves. Some of these jokes are just too good to pass up.

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