When Santa Claus visited Phelan, Calif. on Tuesday night, he ate lots and lots and lots of cookies. But unfortunately, he didn't have much milk to go along with them.

Santa had to find something else to drink on Christmas Eve because, on Monday, a large tanker truck that was traveling on Highway 138 in Phelan tipped over. The accident trapped the driver of the truck inside of the vehicle—and also caused more than 3,000 gallons of milk to spill out of the truck. Fortunately for the emergency personnel who responded to the scene of the accident, the milk wasn't a big factor. All of it was absorbed by the dirt near the road almost immediately after the crash. But we imagine that there was a small shortage of the white stuff in the area for a few days, and the driver of the truck was to blame.

"Speed was a factor," a local police spokesman said later. "[The driver of the truck] was going too fast."

As a result, something tells us that he was a last-minute addition to Santa's naughty list.

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[via Daily Press]