The road is not a neutral place. You can't pull out into the world four wheels forward and expect it to be like Sweden, or Switzerland, or whatever country you want to choose to represent neutrality (we must have been daydreaming about doing burnouts during that lesson). As soon as you begin interacting with other drivers, you're forced to react behind the wheel. Some people are calm and collected, even when nothing is going their ways. Other people, however, have quick tempers and are ready to pull out their custom spiked baseball bat they store in their trunks at the first sign of an idiotic driver.

The emotional spectrum while driving ranges from anger to happiness to apprehension to fear. And all of those emotions can happen within a two-second span. To represent the events of cruising the streets, and to poke fun at people's ridiculous reactions, we've collected a group of GIFs to express how things usually happen. These are The Emotions of Driving, in GIFs

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