Picture this: you're an NBA head coach and your team has the final shot in a game that is tied up. You can pick any player, past or present, to take the final shot, who do you choose? Michael Jordan, right? Easy. Now, what if you had to pick someone besides Jordan, who is your No. 2 option? 2013 NBA Finals Game 6 hero, Ray Allen? The ever-so-clutch, Reggie Miller? OK, where does Stephen Curry rank on your list? 

Well, in an interview with ESPN The Magazine, Steph said that after MJ, he should be your No. 2 choice. "Jordan's No. 1. I'm No. 2. Then you go Ray, then Reggie, then Kobe. Three-pointer or not, same answer," Curry said. So, do you agree with his breakdown? And before you go bumping Curry down a couple of spots, don't forget what he did in the Warriors' last game against the Mavericks

So, yeah, is it too early to coin the nickname, Clutch Curry? To check out the rest of the interview from the issue which drops Dec. 23, click here.     

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[via ESPN]

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