Remember when Gregg Popovich decided to rest his entire starting lineup last season during a nationally-televised game between the Spurs and the Heat? The NBA was not happy with him that night and fined the Spurs organization $250,000 a couple days later as a result of his decision to rest his star players.

Last night, Pop did the same exact thing during a game against the Warriors. The only difference? He gave the league plenty of notice about his decision, so they weren't nearly as upset about it as they were last year. Also, the Spurs somehow, someway actually ended up winning their game last night, despite their obvious lack of star power on the court. And how did they do it? With a Tiago Splitter tip-in, of course!

Watch the play that won the game in the clip above. Isn't that, like, the most Spurs thing ever?

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[via For The Win]