Do you live in Sacramento, Calif.? Did you see someone commuting into work in a foot-powered car this morning? Did it look like the Flintstones-inspired ride that you see in the photo above? If so, ALERT THE AUTHORITIES IMMEDIATELY!

Last Friday night, someone stole the Flintstones car that you see above from in front of the World's Best Comics and Toys store in Sac-Town. It was last seen on the back of a pickup truck being hauled away from the store. And even though you would think that it'd be pretty hard to hide a car like this, it's still missing, despite the fact that the store's owner has publicized the car's theft in the area and offered a pretty sick reward:

C'mon, guys. Don't you want a six-pack of Cactus Cooler?! Then find this car! Now!

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[via New York Daily News]