Nothing like a trip back to your beginnings to relax during the offseason, right? Well that's not untrue, but Skylar Diggins probably picked the wrong high school game to do so thanks to a women's basketball player's strong right hand/opponent's extraordinarily weak chin.

Diggins traveled back to her old Washington High School (Ind.) to watch a game when things got chippy. A player from her old squad got shoved by one of opponent Oregon-Davis's (Ind.) players. The Washington player didn't take too kindly and floored her with a stern slap to the face. Officials and adults stepped in to diffuse the situation.

The cousin of the player who was on the floor for over a minute because of just that one slap went on Twitter to reveal Diggins wasn't one of those adults.

Diggins also followed up with this tweet:

It's a debatable way to go about things, but it is cool that Diggins still has her school's back after all her success.

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[via Deadspin]