Late last month, former NFL star Shawne Merriman agreed to do an interview with Bomani Jones and Dan LeBatard for their ESPN show Highly Questionable. He agreed to do it because he wanted to promote an annual coat drive that his charity The Lights On Foundation is currently holding. However, shortly after Jones and LeBatard asked him several questions about Tila Tequila and then badgered him about two house fires that his family experienced when he was a child, Merriman decided that he didn't want to take part in the interview anymore. So without explanation, he took out his earpiece, thanked Jones and LeBatard for their time, and then got up and walked away…in the middle of the interview. That interview aired this week on the show.

Jones and LeBatard both looked stunned when Merriman left—seriously, the clip above is worth watching solely to see the looks on their faces—and LeBatard later said that Merriman's reaction was "really confusing to us." Merriman had this to say about the incident:

Check out the video to see Merriman make his abrupt exit. Do you think Jones and LeBatard did anything wrong here?

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[via Shutdown Corner]