On Thursday, Grant Hill filled in for Shaquille O'Neal on TNT’s Inside the NBA. While on the show, Hill decided to share a couple of interesting stories involving Shaq during their time together with the Phoenix Suns. One of which being the time O'Neal applied an effective sleeper hold on his own teammate. That's right. Check out an excerpt of the story below. 

The Heat Index filled the gaps in his anecdote. It was April 2008. Imagine the Suns environment after a crushing Game 1 loss at San Antonio when Tim Duncan made a game-tying overtime 3-pointer to spur his team to victory.

There was an awkward discomfort about the off days in San Antonio and a sense that an ashen Mike D’Antoni was coaching the team for a final time.

Who knew just how much he was handling?

It turns out O’Neal and Gordan Giricek, who had been with the Suns for all of six weeks, mixed it up verbally during a closed practice to the point that O’Neal auditioned for his WWE future. He put Giricek in a sleeper hold, except it was no fake. Giricek passed out. 

Giricek played in the remainder of the season, but it was his last NBA season.

Well, that's one way to get the last word in an argument. "No, no, you're not hearing me though..." Zzzzzzzzzz.   

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[via The Arizona Republic]