The Seattle Seahawks' "12th Man" are a well-documented bunch. They nearly captured the cover of Madden 12, hometown rapper Macklemore made a video honoring them, set to "Can't Hold Us" and they've had fans of an opposing team make a petition over their crowd noise. So, this latest news is just another notch on their belt. 

In the first quarter of last night's game against the New Orleans Saints, the Seahawks fans went so crazy when defensive end Michael Bennett recovered a fumble and returned it 22 yards for the touchdown that a seismometer belonging to the University of Washington, located inside a warehouse about a block south from CenturyLink Field, the home stadium of the Seahawks, registered an earthquake of about a 1 or 2 magnitude. Peep the reading in the thumbs.  

Anything with a magnitude of 2.5 or less is usually not felt but can be recorded on the seismometer, so it wasn't anything real serious or dangerous. However, it's another pretty impressive feat for the 'Hawks 12th Man. But, this isn't the first time the Seattle faithful have registered a 1 or 2 earthquake. Remember this incredible play? Yeah, it happened there.         

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[via The Seattle Times]