The North Carolina basketball team is good at doing a lot of things. But unfortunately, free-throwing shooting isn't one of them. In their last three games, UNC has shot above 60 percent from the charity stripe on just one occasion. So it's clear that Tar Heels head coach Roy Williams needs to do something to get his team to start making their free throws.

In the meantime, Williams is tired of talking about free throws. So he made a statement over the weekend to try and get the media off his back. But that statement didn't sit well with a lot of people. The reason? Well, just read it for yourself.

"I'm tired of talking about free throws," he said. "You have to be tough enough to step up and make the daggone thing or go play soccer."

"Go play soccer"? Errrr…Poor choice of words, Coach. And Twitter is letting you know about it right now:

We're not really sure why Coach Williams had to take it there. Had he just said, "You have to be tough enough to step up and make the daggone thing," he would have gotten his point across. But now, he's insulted every single soccer player and fan out there. And we're sure that he's going to hear about it for the remainder of the season, especially when the Tar Heels go on the road.

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[via The Big Lead]